CBD Oil Distillate Broad Spectrum


Refined using state of the art molecular distillation technology, this is our most potent hemp oil, containing on average 80% CBD while retaining terpenes and other beneficial compounds, without the chlorophyll and other heavier components that affect color and favor

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CBD Oil Distillate Broad Spectrum

What Is CBD Distillate?
CBD distillate is a highly purified form of CBD oil, typically produced via short path or fractional distillation methods.

Finished CBD distillate resembles clear golden honey in consistency and generally approaches around 80% CBD in purity, depending upon the quality of the base extract used for the distillation.

CBD Distillate Gram Pricing
CBD Distillate Pricing varies significantly depending on potency, location, source, quality and many factors.

In general, you’ll pay significantly more for less than 1 kg, but there is no point buying more than you need.

Example Pricing for CBD Distillate

1 gram: $30
10 grams: $200
100 grams: $1000
1 kilogram: $ 8000

CBD distillate starts off as a crude hemp oil produced via super critical CO2 or ethanol extraction. This crude hemp oil extract contains plant waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and other impurities and is generally a rich brown molasses color.

Distillate may be further refined to produce CBD isolate – purified cannabidiol crystals comprising up to 99.5% or more of CBD.

Distillate is also ideal to use in manufacturing of CBD products such as oil tinctures, capsules and vape products.

THC free broad spectrum CBD distillate is similar to a full spectrum CBD distillate except that it has undergone additional distillation in order to fractionally remove the trace amounts of Delta-9 THC that are present in legal hemp extracts.


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