Cotton Candy

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The Cotton Candy strain, also referred to as ‘Cotton Candy Kush’, is a AAA weed. ORDER COTTON CANDY ONLINE The indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Indica Lavender – hailing from Amsterdam, with Sativa Power Plant from South Africa. Cotton Candy strain flowering time typically ranges from 7 to 9 weeks.
Staying true to its name, Cotton Candy harbors a mouth wateringly candy-like aroma that combines sweet berry flavors with fresh floral scents. And due to its careful breeding process, this strain is able to portray characteristics of its parent strains, giving off lavender attributes as well.
The indica side of the Cotton Candy strain produces a calming body buzz. At the same time, the sativa properties couple this effect with a touch of cerebral excitement that induces euphoria while also encouraging positive moods. Upon enjoying this tasty Cotton Candy strain, users can expect a warm glow to slowly consume the body, easing sore, tired muscles into a relaxed, pain-free state. As the body sensation builds, the mind will drift into a tranquil place of euphoria and mental wellbeing allowing for several hours of stress-free relaxation. If you’re looking to achieve a happy state-of-mind while staying relaxed, this is your go-to strain.
Aside from recreational purposes, the Cotton Candy strain has been used to treat medical conditions including chronic stress, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines/headaches, and depression. ORDER COTTON CANDY ONLINE
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